With our vague (and ever more realistic) goal of seeing every Major League Baseball stadium, we were fortunate to stumble upon the use of a car to cross the U.S. of A. this summer.

In the next two weeks, will be attending the following games:
-Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins. Thursday, May 28
-Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers. Saturday, May 30
-LA Dodgers at Chicago Cubs. Sunday, May 31
-Oakland A’s at Chicago White Sox. Monday, June 1
-Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers. Tuesday, June 2
-NY Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates. Thursday, June 4

As die-hard Phillies fans, we’ll root for the home team wherever we go!
Check back for photos and assessments of the ballparks, the fans, the hotdogs.

And of course the breweries we visit in between games!